I love sports. I am an athlete.  As a 3-year-old I started karate training and by the time I was seven, I discovered my love of soccer. I’ve even excelled at turbo javelin and race-walking with my local recreation center team placing at regional track meets while in elementary school. As a middle school student, I’ve played basketball, volleyball, soccer and lacrosse at my school.  By far, my favorite sport is soccer. My dedication to my team sports and karate has taught me strategy, good sportsmanship and how to perform under pressure.

I’ve played several years with American Youth Soccer Association (AYSO), and the last 3 years with AYSO United–a competitive travel team experience.  On these teams, I have mostly played center back, and recently started as goalie.  I like these positions because they give me a view of the entire field and opportunity to guide my teammates on the next plays.   

Though I was reluctant to play goalie, with significant urging from my coach, I have now come to enjoy the thrill of stopping a goal!   It also gives me an opportunity to initiate the offense for my team.  I look forward to playing sports during my high school career.  

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