I don’t enjoy you

By Marie Dillard

I don’t enjoy you.

I don’t enjoy you, although I’m there doesn’t mean I want to be there

You think you’re nice yet you’re really not 

You do things that I can’t forgive, yet I pretend to forget 

I don’t enjoy you.

You’re rude to everyone, and now I’m found cleaning up your mess. 

I don’t want to hang out with you, I want to NOT hang out yet I’m all too nice to say it.

I don’t enjoy you.

I go home and cry inside.

Not being able to bear this ‘friendship’ anymore.

I found new friends. You didn’t. You’re trapped, I get it. It hurts.

I don’t enjoy you. 

How you go behind my back, 

Stab me from behind and then drink whatever life is left in my body.

How you slice me into pieces, and then try to put me back together,

I just don’t understand, why? 

I don’t enjoy you.

I try to speak but the words flow into your mouth and you swiftly project my ideas to the world.

The barrier is cracked and all the transgressions are flowing in like a waterfall                     

So why can’t you see, that you can’t treat people like crap anymore.

Why can’t you see that the only reason no one said anything is because everyone else was scared.

Why can’t you see that the only reason I won’t back down is because I won’t take the crap anymore.

No longer will I stand and let you belittle me.

No longer will you unzip my skin and put it on as if it was yours. 

No longer will I be silenced, and

No longer will you drain my soul until there is no reason to live.

Because I don’t enjoy you. I don’t enjoy you.

©Marie S. Dillard 2018, 2019

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