At the recommendation of my school art teacher, I have been studying art outside of school with industry professionals and master artists in a local art studio. This training has been a game-changer in my artistry and the perfect opportunity to learn new concepts.

This is how I relax. I do my best thinking when I am emerged in my art.

The Eye ©2019 MarieSDillard
©2019 MarieSDillard
Self Portrait earned 2020 Scholastic Art and Writing Honorable Mention Recognition
My Pixie ©2019 MarieSDillard
The Sea ©2019 MarieSDillard
A Skull ©2019 MarieSDillard
Violin ©2019 MarieSDillard
2020 Scholastic Art and Writing Silver Key Winner
Girl in cup ©MarieSDillard2019
Trash Diptych ©MarieSDillard2019
America Warning ©MarieSDillard2019
Oil Landscape ©MarieSDillard2018
The Thinker Observation Drawing Marie Dillard (in process) ©MarieSDillard2020

Marie S Dillard Floral Observation March 2020 (ISOLATION CREATION) ©MarieSDillard2020
Plastilina Sculpture ©MarieSDillard2020
Canoe ©MarieSDillard2020
Jockey ©MarieSDillard2020
Priceless ©MarieSDillard2020
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