My favorite way to express myself creatively is through my visual arts, my musicianship and through poetry. I have found comfort and joy in my artistic expression. I believe my visual art, instruments and my poems help me to be a better student and a better person. I’m not sure where my artistic abilities will lead me in the future, but for now, it brings me joy. UPDATE: I recently received both an Honorable Mention and Silver Key for my self-portrait drawing and violin observation painting from Scholastic’s Art and Writing contest for 2020.

The following are excerpts from recommendations from some of my art and music instructors

Having been Marie’s visual arts teacher since 5th grade, it is my pleasure to attest to Marie’s outstanding skills across mediums, which have been evident in every piece of work she creates. Marie approaches each project, whether it be observational drawing, acrylics painting, clay sculpture or spoken word and musical performance with astounding abilities, distinctive style, and astounding determination. Her rendering of representational subjects, including portraits of real and imagined, traditional still lives, and surreal landscapes, evoke an enthralling and cohesive narrative. Marie is a serious, focused young artist who also takes spontaneous, aesthetic risks. She is generous and kind in exchanges with classmates regarding process and reflection. Marie has a bright future in the world of art and would make a fantastic addition to any high school art program.

~Rachel Woursell, Middle School Art Teacher 5th-8th grade

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The faculty and I could quickly see that Marie had tremendous talent, connection to the instrument and the work ethic that learning the violin requires. She became a leader in the program and remains a moral compass during classes and rehearsals. Marie has attended our school’s String Week and our Summer String Festival for the past six Summers. ..Marie fell in love with the viola and it is clear that she has found her authentic artistic voice. She has risen to the highest levels of the program on the viola and performs with tremendous energy, grace, and power.

Marie is an exemplar of our school’s Core values of courtesy, compassion, consideration, and cooperation. She is a scholar, athlete, leader, and artist. Marie receives my highest recommendation and I believe she would be a true asset to your outstanding program. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

~Amelia Gold, School Arts Department Chair

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