As I reflect on my academic journey, my participation in the W.E.B. Du Bois Scholars Institute at Princeton University was key in my development and preparation for the high school search process. My experience enlightened me on my abilities as a scholar and a deep thinker and most of all to ask important questions. The course work was challenging yet enjoyable. I learned things and concepts I had never heard of before. This knowledge has changed how I view my contribution to my academic environment. I’ve learned that my voice, especially in the classroom, really matters, this is something that evaded me prior to this experience. I show up in my academic spaces with a new sense of self.

The following are excerpts from my course evaluations from the professors at the W.E.B. Du Bois Program.

Getting to Know Self: Race, Religion, and Gender “Marie is an exceptional student. She exhibited considerable engagement in course conversation(s), lectures, group discussion(s); inserted thoughtfully articulated comments based upon engagement with readings; exhibited deep self-reflection; expressed critical thinking abilities and how to apply theory to real-world issues; and displayed the ability to grapple with and analyze complex material.”

~ Dawrell Rich, Ph.D. ’20, Seton Hall Univ (Excerpt from course evaluation)

Critical Reading “Marie was a very active participant in class. She did a wonderful job of taking ideas and concepts from class and applying it to her experiences: one of the key learning outcomes for the course. In fact, Marie very critically observed that the ideas and concepts from the readings were meant to serve as a toolkit of sorts for understanding race in American society. It was wonderful getting to know Marie this summer. She is very smart, a critical thinker, mature, creative, and an all-around wonderful student. She has the ability to perform on the highest academic levels. I encourage her to be intellectually and academically confident.”

~Beatrice J. Adams, Ph.D., Rutgers Univ (Excerpt from course evaluation)

Effective Writing 1 “In a class that was full of students who were actively engaged with the work, Marie stood out as someone who engaged with ideas from class at a deeper level. She is a strong critical reader and has a skill for analysis. Marie was always eager to participate in class discussions and raise important questions about the material we were covering. …I would also encourage her to stay focused on the social justice concerns that she is passionate about. The world badly needs her perspective!”

~Dr. Lynn Reid, Fairleigh Dickinson Univ (Excerpt from course evaluation)

Mathematical Logic “Marie was great to have in class throughout the summer and was both a kind and talented student in the class. She was not afraid to ask questions and was always willing to challenge herself and lead by example in the class. Marie was always able to understand the basic concepts of each lesson that covered a variety of subjects including Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2 and she also frequently volunteered to come up to the board and complete examples for the rest of the class. Marie shows wonderful promise to be an excellent math student and I hope she continues to challenge herself because she really can achieve great things and accomplish so much as she continues her education. Her speech at the ceremony was amazing and it was just another reflection of how she was as a student and the potential she has going forward.”

~Jeremy Levine, Pace Univ, Fairleigh Dickinson Univ (Excerpt from course evaluation)

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