About Me

There are a few things my family and closest friends know about me that I will share here:

I have a passion for artI have found that I have a passion for both the studio and performing arts. I am both a consumer and a creator of art and all things creative.  I believe this is because I am a creative thinker. My art inspires me, it helps me make sense of the world and I am motivated by what I can understand.  

I have a green thumb – I’ve been a gardener since I was very young. My parents say I channel my namesake Marie Ellen, my deceased paternal grandmother, and Sheradon Alicia, my maternal grandmother.  I am told that Marie Ellen’s garden and her farm were renowned in Virginia. And, I have spent time with Sheradon, I call her ‘Nonnie’ planting and growing things over the years. My dad grew up on a farm and he helps me grow whatever I want. I am a gardener and farming is in my blood.

I’m more than a sports fan – I’ve never been content with sitting on the sidelines in life. I want to be “in the room where it happens” or “in the arena”. My motto is “coach, put me in the game” and I rarely have to say it.

I’m detail-oriented – I read, and I read between the lines.  I am on a quest for the truth.   I have encountered some challenges that have required me to take a deep dive into the facts and then evaluate the facts and history through my lens and experience.  I always want to understand “why”. When I can’t connect with “why” I get bored. I’ve found out that investigating the “why” for anything makes things make sense. Making sense will keep me busy for a long time. 

I’m collaborative –  I think it is super easy to be good at something by yourself, but being good at something with others can be challenging. My athletics involvement has helped me to develop my ability to collaborate with others and to influence people in my group toward accomplishing our common goal. 

I’m a leader –  I am a successful leader because I know how to influence situations and it really comes from me getting involved, sharing my thoughts and caring about others. I am trustworthy and care about keeping my word. Good leaders have integrity, are authentic and are deep listeners. I do all of these things and I think it is why I have been successful.

Contact My Parents (I’m a kid) if you need to know anything more.

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